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Eastern Flooring Solutions is a leading supplier of outdoor awnings in Melbourne in an array of styles to suit the requirements of your space. We have awnings with the latest operational features for unmatched convenience and luxury. With our range, you can easily control the amount of light entering your space and create a comfortable outdoor area to enjoy with family and friends. Explore the wide range that we have here to increase the value and appeal of your property.

Outdoor Awnings for Windows

We have awnings suitable for all types of spaces and settings. We have awnings for windows of all sizes, and as specialists, we are committed to delivering the best in style. As a leading supplier, we are well-positioned to cater to the diverse requirements of our clients, and you will be impressed with the extensive choices that we have here.

Discover the Finest Selection of Outdoor Awnings and Blinds

We believe that the right shading solution makes a significant difference to the elegance and comfort level of a space. Every property is different, and we want to ensure that you find awnings and blinds that perfectly match the needs of your property. At our store, you will find a wide range that perfectly integrates style and functionality. With the choices that we have, you do not need to compromise on design for function. We have options in different colours, patterns, and styles to harmoniously merge with any setting. We have all-weather awnings that are built to last and allow you to extend your living space.

We take immense pride in offering the best outdoor awnings in Australia at a competitive price. With our selection, you can create the perfect outdoor entertaining area. If you are looking for quality awnings for your home, make sure not to miss out the collection here. We are always adding new products to bring you the latest in the market. Our reputation is unbeatable, and you can be assured of the best in customer service.

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We have a versatile range to add flair to your home and keep your space comfortable. We have a team of highly experienced specialists and will be happy to help you make an informed choice. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.


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